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Low-Income Medicaid

Do you or your family need health insurance?

Quick Facts
What is it?
Low-Income Medicaid is a government health insurance program that helps families with children pay for some or all of their medical bills.

What do I get?
Medical services such as doctors’ and nurses’ visits, prescription drugs, some dental care, vision and hearing care for children, nursing care, home care, and hospital care.

Most people who get Low-Income Medicaid enroll in the Georgia Better Health Care (GBHC) program. You can choose your GBHC doctor. Some people who get Low-Income Medicaid may have a small co-payment for some services.

How long do I get it?
You can get Low-Income Medicaid as long as you still qualify and have children under age 18 living with you. A review will be done every six months to check that you and your children still qualify. You'll get a notice in the mail when a review will need to be done.